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If you are not familiar with what a webring is, here's an interesting webring FAQ and a helpful RingSurf guide. I don't know about webrings in North Carolina, but I have been disappointed by webrings for South Carolina web sites. They have always had tremendous potential, but none of them quite realized it. No offense to any particular Ringmaster (or Ringmistress as the case may be) in charge, but there always seemed to be WAY too many broken links and dead sites. That can ruin the fun experience of trying to navigate all the way through any statewide ring.

When one of the older webrings I participated in was abandoned, I tried to "adopt" it, but was unsuccessful in that. The possibility of just creating a new ring was always there, but for the sake of tradition, I'd hoped to revive one of the original ones. Eventually, it became obvious starting a new webring from scratch would make the most sense.

When starting this new webring (or "netring" as RingSurf has preferred to call it), I faced a decision on which free service for us to use. Frankly, it appears that the original Webring system has STILL not recovered from being taken over by Yahoo. When that happened, many of the top rings moved to RingSurf and have been happy there.

RingSurf - Still the Best + Easiest Webring system in the World.

Assuming you are convinced to give it a try, let's look at what you need to do to Join the Top Carolina Sites Webring.  It is NOT difficult!

  1. Follow the link above and fill out the form. Your site will be assigned a unique Site ID number.
  2. Copy the Top Carolina Sites Webring Code fragment and open an editor like NotePad to customize it.
  3. Edit the Top Carolina Sites Webring Code fragment, switching to your address.
  4. Edit the Top Carolina Sites Webring Code fragment, changing ADD YOUR SITE NAME HERE to your site's name.
  5. Copy and paste customized Top Carolina Sites Webring Code fragment onto your site's Home Page (or Links page).*
  6. Upload (or publish) the new updated page to your site's web server (or just ask your webmaster to do all of this for you).
  7. That's IT! Congratulations! Once your site is approved, you're ALL Finished and there's basically nothing to do after that!
* = Remember, if you want visitors from the webring to see your Home Page first, you'll need to add the webring code fragment to that page.

NOTE: Our webring graphic (915 bytes) loads fast, but you can use minimal style (below) too.

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To use minimal navigation bar like above, copy below code.

To use minimal webring code fragment above, you MUST replace ***SITE-ID*** with your site's assigned ID number FOUR times (after you sign up your site!). Keep in mind, your Carolina web site will NOT be approved until the regular OR minimal Top Carolina Sites Webring code is added to your web site! We try hard to NOT break the ability to surf circuitously all the way around the ring. Signing up but not adding the Top Carolina Sites Webring code (regular OR minimal) does NOT help your web site! If we approved your web site without either webring code installed, that would "break" the ring. Got it? Several sites are still waiting for approval due to this.

Here's a nice quote: Like the legendary Phoenix rising from the ashes, RingSurf rises, better than WebRing ever was, responsive to input, making improvements, involving the Ring Masters in decisions, caring about our concerns. RingSurf rises from the ashes known as Y!WR. (Yahoo!WebRing)

If you run into any problem(s), just shoot me an email and I will do my very best to help you.
Bob Chapman - Ringmaster

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